• Trade with Transparency

    We work with you like a local indent agent and help you establish presence in the markets you wish to enter. The order of commodities will be placed under specified conditions of sale. There will be a written contract to confirm that as a foreign buyer/supplier, you can only trade through SGIPL (no other middleman/vendor), making us your exclusive trading partner. We will be paid brokerage, hence, creating win-win alliances – because a producer will have the advantage of not facing exorbitant costs and a buyer will get exclusive access to the market.

  • Trade with Trust

    SGIPL, as your commodity broker and trusted partner, takes the responsibility of finding genuine suppliers and stockists to benefit companies. Straightaway connect with authenticated contacts and grow your business, without wasting your valuable time in market research, background checks, understanding new trade regulations or even logistics.

  • Networking

    Have access to a solid network of professionals around the globe. This not only helps you in meeting the right people, but also gives you a competitive advantage in the challenging business climate.

  • Promotion

    We create a favorable environment with presence of your business at trade fairs, webinars, global meets and even, personal interviews. You get the opportunity to display your commodity to a potential client or partner in a foreign country.

  • Marketing

    We draw up marketing & communication plans that focus on best tapping the targeted global market for your business. You can rely on us for the best marketing strategy to go forward. The ultimate aim is to let you focus on what you offer, while we make you visible in the new markets and generate convertible leads. We have a dedicated team of overseas marketing, where we can also appoint an exclusive marketing executive, if you so desire.

  • Operational Support

    A swift communication and strong documentation & operations from the very beginning goes a long way in global business success! But from hiring woes to spending on a dedicated business center, the initial set-up costs can drag any business down. With our help, you can invest in all the right things first!

    This includes:
    • export documentation,
    • trade certifications & permissions,
    • legal advisory & services,
    • accounting & taxation,
    • overcoming language barriers with interpreters & translation services,
    • trade logistics services,
    • Intellectual Property guidance, if applicable,
    • finance guidance,
    • knowledge transfer,
    • consultancy (if you only wish to be guided), and
    • travel management.
  • Knowledge Transfer and Consultancy

    If you prefer to sail your own ship, we are also happy to guide you through the process. We have meticulously selected local service professionals to help, consult and support you from beginning to end.